Pep Band

The Warren East Raider Pep Band performs at all home Boy's and Girl's Varsity games.  All students in the WEHS Band are required to participate in the Pep Band.


The Raider Pep Band performs a number of songs at the games.  Please find below a listing of the songs that we play.  If available, we have linked to an audio recording of the song.  Click on the name of the song to hear a recording of that song.*  If available, PDF files of our pep band music are listed.***


1 - Navy Blue & Gold (Fight Song)

1A - Monster Jams (4 shorties - we repeat one of these to fill up a time out - we only play the first two: "Frankenstein" and "Iron Man")

1B - Shorties:  Red Devil, Jeopardy, Imperial March, Band Cheer #1, Band Cheer #2


2 - Star Spangled Banner

2B - Shout It Out (we begin at :56 and repeat during a timeout)


3 - My Old KY Home**

3A - Gruv Jamz (1 shortie - we play the first one only: "Uh Oh")
3B - Uma Thurman


4 - Rock & Roll (Hey Song)

4A/2A - Call Me

4B - Final Countdown | PDF


5 - Carry On Wayward Son

5A - 2001**

5B - Land of 1000 Dances | PDF


6 - Stacy's Mom

6A - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (we stop on the note just before the scream at the end) | PDF

6B - Livin' on a Prayer | PDF


7 - Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)

7A - Jungle Boogie (we start on the second measure)

7B - The Pretender


8 - Crazy Train | PDF

8A - Back in Black (we start at measure three after the percussion)

8B - Dynamite


9 - Hey! Baby! | PDF

9A - You Shook Me All Night Long

9B - Runaway Baby


10 - You Give Love a Bad Name

10A - I Gotta Feeling


11 - The Horse

11A - Smoke on the Water

11B - Evil Ways | PDF


12 - Heartbreaker**

12A - The Way You Move

12B - Born This Way


13/15 - Don't Stop Believin'

13A/15A - Tango di Smedley
13B - Starships


14 - Smooth Criminal

14A/16A - Take on Me**
14B - Poker Face


16 - Bad Romance | PDF


* - All songs are the copyright of their respective publishers and no infringement is intended by their placement on this website.  These recordings are only here for our pep club to use in planning activities, and for our students to use as reference recordings.  Special thanks to J. W. Pepper for hosting these files.


** - Performed by the WKU Big Red Marching Band.  Special thanks to them for allowing their recordings to be posted on our website!


*** - Music PDFs are listed only for our Alumni to use for Alumni Band.  No copyright infringement is intended.  PDF files will be removed upon request.


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